Market Development

Through a network of global representatives, BCI develops, implements, and evaluates international marketing programs. The firm helps clients focus resources on markets with the greatest potential and on activities that promise the greatest return.

International Program Development

market developmentAligned with key international contractors, BCI builds and expands international programs for organizations. BCI will create and manage international events and activities, meet with importers, retailers, and distributors, attend trade shows and demonstrations, supervise international merchandisers, and execute other core program elements tailored to a client's strategy and objectives.

Strategic Planning

Intelligence gathering and analysis provide the foundation for BCI’s strategic planning services. BCI conducts a thorough strategic analysis, which can include evaluating programs, reviewing KPIs, carrying out relevant market and competitor analyses, and gathering feedback from stakeholders and customers. To meet the needs and culture of your organization, we can work closely with you to provide facilitated strategic planning sessions, discussion materials, recommended strategies, strategic plan documents, implementation plans (actions and tactics to implement the strategies), and recommended performance metrics.

Grant Writing and Management

Federal and state grants are available to support domestic and international market development. BCI specializes in securing and administering these grants. We focus largely on programs made available by the US Department of Agriculture and US Department of Commerce. Among these include the Market Access program (MAP), Foreign Market Development (FMD) program, Emerging Markets Program (EMP), Value Added Producer Grant program, Technical Assistance for Specialty Crops (TASC), and Specialty Crop Block Grant Program.

ClearTrail Financial Management

BCI’s ClearTrail financial management service assists with the organization of complex budget and financial administration related to international programs that are funded by several federal and state grants, as well as by industry resources. The service helps simplify the process, pay, reimburse, and audit invoices.